Counting Down to Seeing Our Home Away From Home

Down another month and getting closer to camping season. I am itching to get out there. I am getting more jealous of the people who are able to camp all year long. Every time I see a post on Facebook about someone heading to another campground, it makes me long for the warm weather.

I miss our home away from home.

We really took our time to make it feel warm and cozy. Here are some of the items we made to do just that.

The couch was made using nothing by 2 x 4s . I ordered a foam cushion for the seat and several pillow forms for the couch. We purchased drop clothes from the local Home Depot to make covers for the cushion and pillows. I used the leftover drip cloth to create a sun screen. Around 4pm that sun is brutal. We hung the screen from the awning. The awning on the new RV is different and I’ll need to be creative in how I hang the screen.

I made a C-stand to move around with me. From inside the RV to around the campfire, that C-stand is my best friend. I liked it so much that I made several to sell. Unfortunately, others did not see the value in it as I did. The box you see to the right of the couch is a stand to string my lights. We made four. Because the new RV has lights embedded in the awning, I will need to rethink how I use these boxes. I think I may use them to outline to firepit are.

I wanted an extra large picnic table for my large family. The table is made with 2x4s and 1x6s. We made a matching bench for one side only. I wanted to be able to pull up to the table in a chair. I like to have good back support. A bench is not my thing.

The RV pad sits pretty high and we needed to make steps to easily, and safely, get in and out of the RV. The new RV is even higher so we’ll be making new stairs in March.

That’s just a few items. That’s all I have for now. Happy Camping!

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