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Camping Toy

Camping season in Western NY is right around the corner. One thing we’ve enjoyed while camping at Yogi’s Jellystone Campground was renting a golf cart. All the other campgrounds we visited did not allow weekend campers to have golf carts. Becoming a seasonal camper afforded us the opportunities to buy our first golf cart. I […]

Counting Down to Seeing Our Home Away From Home

Down another month and getting closer to camping season. I am itching to get out there. I am getting more jealous of the people who are able to camp all year long. Every time I see a post on Facebook about someone heading to another campground, it makes me long for the warm weather. I […]

A Great 2020…A Better 2021

Outside of the horrible pandemic that has impacted millions, 2020 was probably our best camping season ever. We are seasonal campers at our favorite campground, Jam on the Ridge! As some of you know, becoming a seasonal camper means you create a second home. And boy did we do that! We also upgraded the Cougar! […]

About Black Campers

A black family who enjoys the camping experience. Although we do not see people who look like us, that has not deterred us from existing in “white” space and places. We encounter great people not-so-great people. We can’t change people nor do we seek to change them. We don’t allow people to stop us from being great. And let me be the first to tell you….we are great!

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