Camping Toy

Camping season in Western NY is right around the corner. One thing we’ve enjoyed while camping at Yogi’s Jellystone Campground was renting a golf cart. All the other campgrounds we visited did not allow weekend campers to have golf carts.

Becoming a seasonal camper afforded us the opportunities to buy our first golf cart. I was a bit hesitant but glad we did because the guy sold out in a week.

The Hubbins wanted a cart with a 6″ lift kit. I believe that allows room for the supa dupa big tires. He also purchased a rearview mirror, headlight, and brake lights. Installation not included!

I suggested we name the cart. Big Bess was fun but too old. Big Black was cool but not the name you want to use at an all-white canpground. I was stuck on using Big in the name. I then thought, Gunner. I practiced the name aloud. ” I’m riding Gunner down to the store” and “Who has Gunner?” See?

The name Gunner was approved. Because the cart had the number 55 already on it, we went with Gunner-55. It took a few hours for me to find the right font to match the feeling invoked by Gunner-55. I think aced it.

Oracle 751 Metallic Vinyl

After the name was printed and applied, I then moved on to the sides. I thought of bear claw scratches but setteled on the stripes. I think it looks great and the hubbins approved.

We’re almost ready for the season to begin!!!

Custom Vinyl Orders: Email me at for a quote. The Gunner-55 decal is 11″ x 4″ and would cost $15. The side decals would cost around $30.

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